Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Divine Word Seminary's Holy Spirit Chapel
-the hanging Jesus on the Cross is "miraculous"

The Garden of Providence
a wonderful place for study and meditation

The Hanging "Garden"

Divine Word Seminary is equipped with excellent classrooms with laptops and LCD projectors and top of the line sound system.

Enrolled students of the CTS program will also have access to the Arnoldus Library, computers, and internet system.

The Arnoldus theology library contains more than 80,000 volumes. The construction of a huge reading room for students will start this summer.

The e-library room (airconditioned) has 20 computer units all newly acquired with internal access to the library catalogue and with broadband internet access.

Rooms with reasonable rates are available if students prefer to stay overnight. The Zentrum retreat house offers a meal service for a low price. Barako Coffee is served for free.

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