Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Course Description

Pastoral Introduction to the Old Testament I:
The Torah

The course introduces the students to the world and context of the Old Testament, the formation of the biblical books, their structure and message, major themes and pastoral issues for today arising from each area of study.

Pastoral Introduction to the New Testament I:
Synoptic Gospels and John

Survey the writings of the New Testament and their contexts. The focus will be on the Synoptic Gospels and John—major themes and texts that can shed light on today’s pastoral issues.


Liturgy and Sacraments
Unearth the richness of our liturgical traditions: celebrations, ritual signs and symbols, the liturgical year, and the like. The course has a special focus on the Eucharist which is the liturgy and the sacrament par excellence. Ultimately, this course hopes to accompany the students in discovering liturgy and sacraments as a fountain of Christian spirituality.

Pastoral Introduction to the Old Testament II:
Prophets and Writings

The course presents the major themes and important passages in the Torah and in the Prophetic Literature — those that can guide our actions as Christians.

Church, Kingdom of God and Mission
Discover how the Church as a community is for the Kingdom of God and how it is a missionary by its very nature. The course focuses on significant moments of the Christian movement, from the early Church to the end of the 20th century. Then a theology of mission for today is developed based on the missionary practice and theology of Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Evangelical and Pentecostal Christianity.

Christian Spirituality
This course outlines the principles of Christian spirituality, its historical development, and what is spirituality today. It also takes up issues in psycho-spirituality, spiritual direction, and counseling.

Christology and Mariology
Deepen your knowledge of the identity and saving work of Jesus Christ: Jesus in the Scriptures; the development in the Patristic age of doctrines of the Incarnation and Redemption; scholastic synthesis; contemporary reformulations; Christ in relation to other religions. This course also explores the role of the Holy Spirit and the place of Mary in the mystery of Christ.

Pastoral Introduction to the New Testament II:
Acts of the Apostles and the Letters

Let Scripture stir your heart aflame. The course focuses on the Acts of the Apostles and the Letters of the New Testament.

Moral Theology and Catholic Social Teachings

Bring theology to everyday life with its practical application. The course presents the teachings of the Church on Christian morality as gleaned from Sacred Scripture and Catholic moral tradition. An emphasis is given to the social teachings of the Church as central to the understanding of the social mission of the Catholic Church in Philippine society.

Take a field trip to the mission areas of the Society Divine Word in the Philippines and learn how to conduct a Bible Camp, among other activities.

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